White Sands, New Mexico.

ok, changed my mind, this theme is great

since I wasn’t happy with my blog anymore I decided to change my theme, but I fear that nothing will help me


low classic f/w 2013

tyiron replied to your post:so I was tagged by lovely and sweet Shirley to…

whatt no way!!! you are so pretty!!! And your hair is so nice and long and soft looking too :D

omgggggggg thanks, you are so nice wooow I’m blushing and oh I actually really like my hair uwu

so I was tagged by lovely and sweet Shirley to post 6 cute selfies, I woudn’t say that they are cute (haha nope) but here they go

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❝ Colour is the place where our brain and the universe meet. That’s why colour appears so entirely dramatic… ❞
Paul Cézanne  (via paulcezanne-art)